The First Hug

I swear to God, the people at Huffington Post, both writers and commentators, are driving me a bit crazy. Sometimes, I click on links that I know are going to be too dumb for words…yet, I click in the hope that maybe it won’t be as dumb as I’m predicting. I’m always disappointed. Then, I think maybe at least 50% of the comments will be down to earth. Again, I am disappointed. I saw a link a few days ago to a story about the First Lady’s propensity for hugging. I did not click the link, because, really…who cares? It’s her job to get in touch with the public, and hugging is part of that whole get-up.

Today, I saw the same article featured, and I’m thinking, “Really? Again?” So, of course, curious about what exactly must be so compelling about this topic, I clicked the link, and read through stuff about how “this is so great that we are seeing a First Lady who is in touch with the people” (as an aside, did you get that pun?) and another about “Wow, isn’t it amazing that President Obama pulls the chair out for his wife before dinner” and a caption on one picture with the President and First Lady hugging during the campaign saying, “Even Oprah is impressed.” Oh my God. For real? Seriously? We’ve never seen a First Lady hug anyone before? Never seen the President hug his wife? Ever?! Fine. I am going to have to prove to the World Wide Internets that all First Ladies hug. All of them. Except that I’m not going to have the patience to go beyond Nancy Reagan, so you’re just going to have to either a) take my word for it, or b) dig up pictures of Martha Washington hugging a school-child all by your lonesome. (They did have school-children back then, right?)

Right. Let’s begin. We’ll start with The First Ladies Hug the Public:

One on one.

Oh! Crossing racial lines! That was a good one!

Looks like she was enjoying the moment. Who knows with a Clinton, though, right?

Looks like she was enjoying the moment. Who knows with a Clinton, though, right?

Just to prove the above one wasnt a one-time occurence. Hillary Clinton again.

Just to prove the above one wasn't a one-time occurrence. Hillary Clinton again. I'd say "take it with a grain of salt," but she is a Clinton, so you may need a bag of salt.

Nancy Reagan hugging Yolanda, a former crack user, as her mother, Louise, watched yesterday at Phoenix Academy in Shrub Oak, N.Y. With them was Kevin, also a former drug addict. Escorting Mrs. Reagan, at right, was Dr. Mitchell S. Rosenthal, president of Phoenix House. Mrs. Reagan spoke to six former addicts from New York City and five of their parents at the academy, a residential school and treatment center. Page B13. (NYT/Joyce Dopkeen)

[Sorry, no picture ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ]

Oh yay! Nancy Reagan hugging a child.

Oh yay! Nancy Reagan hugging a child.

Rosalynn Carter giving a hug! This was a bonus, inspiring me to dig further back...

Rosalynn Carter giving a hug! This was a bonus, inspiring me to dig further back...

When a group of rural people visited the White House to present a quilt to the First Lady, many were overcome with nervousness; upon hearing their weeping, Pat hugged each individual tightly, and the tension dissipated.

[Taken from Wikipedia. Sorry, no pictures ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ]

Now, we’re ready for First Couples Hugging the Decades Away.

While nothing beats the uniqueness of this:

The hug to end all hugs. Even Oprah was astonished.

allow me to continue all the same:

Seems pretty spontaneous and unscripted

Seems pretty spontaneous and unscripted

I know, already. The Most Insincere Hug In History. Theyre the Clintons. I GET it.

I know, already. The Most Insincere Hug In History. They're the Clintons. I get it. Yet, I felt compelled to include them, for some odd reason. Oh, yeah...because thank God they hugged, helping me to prove my worthless point.

Oh, well...we all know he was one big actor!

Oh, well...we all know he was one big actor!

Doesnt this count as a hug?

Doesn't this count as a hug?

Apparently the Nixons and Carters did not hug. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Or they came before Public Displays of Affection became de rigeur for anyone in, or aspiring to, public office. Unfortunate, lifeless, insincere and unlovable souls!

Have I entertained you all sufficiently? Can Huffington Post now end the season know forever to me as In Love with the First Hug? What are they trying to prove, exactly? That America can breathe a big sigh of relief, because the First African American Couple are human after all? That we can finally let go of the image in our head of minorities as weirdos without normal emotions, instincts, and social cues? What the heck is the point? I feel certain there must be a point to all the harping on the Hug Factor, because this is getting just a tad bit ridiculous.


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13 Responses to The First Hug

  1. Digital Jewel says:

    There’s nothing sincere about the Clintons, and you’ll come around to that some day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I’m glad you’re aware that Reagon was a good actor. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And what the Carter’s got goin there was too stiff to be even considering a hand hug. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeez woman… The Obamas just know how to hug. Accept it, would ya.


    Hmm..yeah… I just can’t believe you dug out the pics. *ermm*

  2. 1. I already have come around to that.
    2. Of course, he was. I guess you didn’t notice that he’d been rated as a B-list actor. But, it’s ok.
    3. I don’t know. Give them grace for age. Senior discount, if you will :p
    4. I already have. And I’ve also come to the realization that Huggability is the Greatest Indicator for Presidential (and National) Success. Well, according to Huff Po, anyhow.

    It’s not like I had them lying around or something! I *searched* them out, not *dug* them out! Sheesh. Respect, girl!

  3. Digital Jewel says:

    I never watched his movies, to be honest. Thinking about it though, Clinton would make a better actor. Both of them actually. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I know you searched them. Bored soul. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • What makes you think I did?! And of course, they would. They’re acting right now, dammit!

      I was aggravated. It was aggravated assault…on me, of course.

  4. Digital Jewel says:

    Chill out dude. ermm And quit dissin the Clintons. *sniffle*

    It hardly was an assault. ermm

    • I wasn’t dissing them. Was just demonstrating that they are such good actors that you have to be paying attention to realize they’re acting.

      It was. Huff Po is always an assault.

  5. Roqayah says:

    LMAO @ “Oh! Crossing racial lines! That was a good one!”

    that literally made me laugh out loud sis
    Brill’ article on a pathetic highlight in the huffingtonpost

  6. Welcome, sis ๐Ÿ™‚ lol Glad I made someone other than my sis laugh…seriously, I need to stop visiting them if I want to keep my sanity!

  7. Umm Travis says:

    I think they are all a bunch a fakers. SPECIALLY the Obamaman. C’mon, this is politics. Who cares if they hug.

    • I don’t know how anyone can expect the hug of politician (or his wife) to be the sincerest thing in the world. It’s not like this is the hug of a mother or something!

  8. realistic bird says:

    I must say, correct me if I’m wrong, some Americans are curious and interested in these things? Maybe it somehow reflects how the president governs or something? Like the dog in the white house thing.

    Here we barely hear about the wives of politicians or their private life and the family if they are not in politics, it is personnel and not really interesting.

    Good effort sis DN lol fact checker ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. I think it’s mostly people who really have no other worries in life who must be so interested in things like this. There is a definite interest in it, just looking at the comments those articles get. Granted, other more serious articles get commented on too, but the interest in these “events” is genuine. Like, yeah, the First Dog. I’d personally appreciate it if they’d feature the White House Chefs. They could give Americans really good ideas on how to eat healthier and better. It would actually serve a purpose, and still be fun!

    ๐Ÿ˜† Thank ye, thank ye ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. realistic bird says:

    Hey that is a good idea, hmm yes I doubt they feed them fast food. ๐Ÿ˜€

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