Navigating Negotiations

We were waiting at a red light, which seemed to be taking forever. Eyes were wandering around, looking for something to distract ourselves with. We saw two girls on a bike. They came to stop at the intersection. The girl pedaling the bike got off, and the girl who was riding the handlebars took the newly vacated seat. The first girl walked off in one direction, while the girl on the bike headed off in another direction. My brother said, “Aww, she stole the other girl’s bike!” I said, “No, it was the second girl’s bike, not the first girl’s. If one is giving you a ride, shouldn’t you at least pedal till you reach the split-off point?”

I wonder if this is how those negotiation went down:

Girl 1: I’m headed to the bus-stop. Thanks for studying with me.

Girl 2: Want me to give you a ride to the bus-stop?

Girl 1: That would be great! Where’s your car parked?

Girl 2: No, I came by bike today, it’s such a beautiful day and I could use the exercise!

Girl 1: Oh…your bike…ok…I’ll fit on your handle-bars.

Girl 2: Oh no, you don’t! You could use the exercise, too! You pedal till we get to your bus-stop…

Girl 1: Hmmmm. Ok. Good idea. I get to exercise, too. Lovely idea. Just stellar, my dear!


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4 Responses to Navigating Negotiations

  1. Umm Travis says:

    LOOOOL So cute!

  2. realistic bird says:


    😆 a very wide imagination you have there.

    I would love to go anywhere in a bike but not very safe with the driving here. :S

  3. queenie says:

    Haha! Although I think young folks now are able to communicate effectively with each other with much less words. It’ll be something like:

    G1: Y’know?
    G2: Aiiight, cool.

  4. Umm Travis, 😆 Thank you…and the young ladies were cute, too! 😛

    realistic bird, Wasalaam 🙂 Oh, I’ve heard about driving conditions in your part of the world…so, yeah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you! 😯

    queenie, ahahahaaa You’re probably right! And it probably took place via text messaging while in the library trying to keep quiet 😆

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