Ooh panic!

So I happen to be a bit into the Windows Vista look, and decided I’d install a theme patcher so I could get a Vista theme.  And it backfired.  My computer ended up looking like Windows 98, and there was no option to even select the XP look! 😯  To add to that, our CD/DVD drive broke down on this computer, and although we managed to pull off reformatting before, it doesn’t seem that may be possible again unless we get a new drive, which we won’t bother doing for an almost four year old laptop. 😛  Anyways, I was sitting here going, “oh shoot, serves me right for thinking I was too smart and could do it on my own without my personal tech support team to help me!” Then I decided to go for system restore since I had a set restore point, and by golly I’m sooo relieved that worked.  I guess I can survive without my tech support team. 😛  Not that I’m going to try that again…for a long time anyway. 😉  A little bit of panic and increased heart rate is good every once in a while.


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  1. But, wow, you were cool under fire 😛

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