What am I?

Courtesy of Ajla, I found a new quiz thing. I didn’t find out anything new about myself, but it was fun and pretty quick. So, the result is that I am a Sensitive Doer. That means I my feelings are easily bruised, I cry easily, and I like to do think with my hands, not my head. How about you? Post here, or on your own blog.


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9 Responses to What am I?

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  2. realistic bird says:

    I know myself too well 😀

    Reliable Realist (RR)


  3. Ajla says:

    Gee, Digital Nomad… We don’t fit well together according to this. 😦

    Screw you, iPersonic!!! :@

  4. realistic bird says:

    Eh Ajla? Hmm lol you wanted to SD or you wanted sis DN to be GT? 😛

    Sis DN *blush* I must admit I didn’t figure you as a sensitive doer I thought you might be more of the thinker types but you have such a big heart the type fits you.

    “All in all, this type is the most likeable and friendliest of all personality types.” Yep of all the people I met on forums you are the only one I remember who was immediately friendly. No offense anyone! 😀

  5. Ajla says:

    I wanted us to simply fit together according to iPersonic. Was that too much asked? 😥

    realistic bird – Digital Nomad’s a pearl, mashaAllah. 😉

  6. Ajla says:

    realistic bird – Now it hit me, you didn’t check the compatibility between the types did you? That’s what I meant you see, our types don’t fit well together it states. <__<

  7. Birdy, funny enough, whenever she does these things I also think it would come out to the thinker type. It does make a lot of sense tho, and totally fits her. 😉

    Wait…I wasn’t friendly then birdy? 😯 Oh wait, no, I was the lil annoying brat. 😳

  8. rb, hah! I just realized that yes you do know yourself! Realistic bird has named herself brilliantly! 😆 @ friendliest…well, I’m definitely non-confrontational, unless you’re my siblings 😀 They think I’m rather thorny 😯 My extroverted side comes out on forums, usually. And thinking is way too much work for me; I only think when I have to.

    Ajla, hmmmm I think iPersonic might not be doing too well on the compatibility part. But they did say, “Nevertheless, opposites attract – if you both try to be particularly respectful and tolerant rather than fighting your differences you‘ll lead an exciting and animated relationship.” Well, we haven’t really had any differences (hello, you’re part Turkish, and I love all things Turkish! :D), but still opposites attract, my love! And rb wasn’t the only one to not see the compatibility part…I had to go back and check to see what you were on about 😀

    Am I a concealed pearl, though? That is the question 😛

    DJ, hahahaaaa you know my thinking capabilities suck. And yet you expect me to be a thinker. What is wrong with thee? And, you’re still the lil brat. Friendly lil brat, though 😛 That’s what we love you for. And, hey, what are you, besides lil brat?

    Oh, and all the lovely ladies who visit this blog…you all have changed to such fabulous avatars this week! I feel like I’m out of style! 😳

  9. realistic bird says:

    Haha! Yep you got me Ajla I didn’t notice the last line until yesterday night. What do they know anyway? 😀 if you two get along then you get along.

    Yes DJ you gave me a tough time *cry* no wait remind me again?

    j/k 😛

    DN: Eh? All those nice posts you put are a product of your thinking. I insist! Well you know me 😆 😛

    I like your avatar makes me looks twice at it because of the color difference between white and red.

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