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I <3 All Things Shiney

Exactly one week ago I lost my lovely silver Motorola (and yes, I do miss it…true love never fades eh?) at college. In my foolish optimism I presumed whoever picked it up would drop it off at Lost and Found. … Continue reading

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A Single Post is Insufficient

Mothers are tricky human beings. You grow up with them, and you think you know everything about them, rarely paying heed when they tell you that the opposite is true: they know you better than you know yourself. Yeah, right, … Continue reading

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Looking Backwards…and Forward

Remember back in the day when we snickered at Bill Clinton for asking the lawyerly question, “But what is is?” Well, today, I wish President Obama would just get it over with and do the same thing with regard to … Continue reading

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Blog Carnival For the Mommies

Safiya of Get Outlines will be hosting a blog carnival celebrating Muslim Mommies. If you have something to say about your not-from-a-cookie-cutter mom, or something to say about being a not-so-cookie-cutter-mom, then say it and be read! Sis Safiya will … Continue reading

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Earth To Us All

Reading around the web, I discovered that today is Earth Day. I guess the goal of this day is to highlight the necessity of going the distance to help preserve what’s left of this planet that has seen so many … Continue reading

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Waves upon Waves of Heat

Oh my Allah, it is so hot. Yesterday, of all days, when we decided to spend the day outdoors at a local botanical garden, was the hottest day for that date in 95 years. It was an uncharacteristic 95 degrees. … Continue reading

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Social Media Junkie?

I was just cruising by Mother Jones, and they had this tiny little article on Twitter and Facebook addicts. Apparently, people are doing studies on Tweeters and FaceBookers, and finding them to lack compassion and important gray matter. Hmmmmm. I … Continue reading

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Try One

According to an article from CNN, right wing extremism might be something to be worried about, amidst other concerns of economy, global warming, and the war on terror that is claiming lives as we speak. Ordinarily, this article would be … Continue reading

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The Kite-Runner

When this book first came out, I wasn’t all too interested in reading it. I guess I had had a bit of an Afghan overload from spending the summer of ’01 binging on books about the Afghan-Soviet war, and then … Continue reading

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The Life of Pi

I finally finished reading “The Life of Pi.” Actually, I started out strong, reading half the book in a few days. Life then compelled me to put it down, and here I am finishing it three weeks later. I loved … Continue reading

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