Social Media Junkie?

I was just cruising by Mother Jones, and they had this tiny little article on Twitter and Facebook addicts. Apparently, people are doing studies on Tweeters and FaceBookers, and finding them to lack compassion and important gray matter.

Hmmmmm. I don’t know about that. I’ve seen a pretty wide cross-section of people on these social-media outlets, and while FaceBook does seem to come with a certain amount of hedonistic narcissim (I speak of people displaying no less than 1 million happy party pictures for the entire world to see, not just their own personal network), I’ve found Twitter to be a place of idea exchange. There’s been less of an emphasis on self, and more of an emphasis of sharing ideas, knowledge, and encouragement. Or maybe I’m just hanging out with a special sub-group of Twitterers. Then again, I am no social media expert, and in all likelihood I’ll be agreeing with these researchers in a few year’s time.

On the other hand, I did read some time back that blogging seems to increases one’s happiness.


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2 Responses to Social Media Junkie?

  1. realistic bird says:

    Hmmm, don’t know though it seems there have been these ideas circling about how much time is spent on these internet facilities and issues like newspapers vs. blog news

  2. Hey salaams!

    You hit one nail on the head – Blogging DOES increase one’s happiness! Twitter is like the blogging medium for someone with severe ADD.

    Hedonistic narcissim – I dont think that there are a better choice of words for Facebook. I use FB as an address book for those people who I know and want to be in touch with once in a while. The amount of time people spend on FB is shocking – and I havent seen anyone do anything constructive on FB EVER!

    Twitter on the other hand, if used correctly, is networking at it’s very best. Perhaps it needs some sort of evolution to make it perfect, but generally twitter is an outstanding medium of learning new things! How about this – I have managed to fix my Blackberry in an hour thanks to people on twitter, and I spent the previous 4 hours googling my issue and got nowhere! 😀

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