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According to an article from CNN, right wing extremism might be something to be worried about, amidst other concerns of economy, global warming, and the war on terror that is claiming lives as we speak. Ordinarily, this article would be kind of a curiosity, as in, “Hmmmm let’s wait and see what pans out.” Today, however, I am reading it in a different context. As soon I saw the title of the article, I thought to myself “No kidding!” and my mind flashed back to a couple billboards we saw last week while driving through Nevada.

Now, Nevada itself is a pretty forbidding place, but these billboards were a whole different species of frightening. This huge billboard had the words “Try One!” written in big bold letters across the top, and underneath was a picture of what they want you to try: this gigantinormous machine gun (or is it called automatic gun?…whatever). And then off to the side somewhere, which you only notice when your eyes flinch away from the menace of what they’re exhorting you to try, is the name of the merchant advertising. The emphasis was so barely on the advertiser and so blatantly on the product, almost like they don’t care where you get the thing from…just get one, and try it! Like, you know, tasting a new cuisine…just try it! You’ll like it, they promise!

When I read about right-wing wackos, I will forever associate them with this cavalier attitude. It was quite jarring to the senses, to put it mildly. Honestly, it scared the daylights out of me, and made me want to disappear into the desert of Nevada where no person will be around to try one of those things on me.


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3 Responses to Try One

  1. realistic bird says:

    What the heck? They can advertize such things? Yes when I read it I found it menacing. You can tell a lot about people with the way they view violence or methods of violence and to what means.

  2. Hey salaams!

    Right wing extremism is something which cannot die or be wiped out. There will always be that one person who does not want to “conform”. Saying that, it depends on the view you take because, in certain east and central european countries, radicalists of these varieties have great majorities. So the question in that case is – are those on the right on the extreme side, or is everyone else the non-conformist? 🙂

  3. realistic bird, oh yes they can. It’s a legal commodity, so…yeah. The people of Nevada, especially Las Vegas, are something else. They say New Yorkers are rude, but I found Nevadans to be ten times worse. So, I was not too surprised to see such a blatantly hostile ad there!

    Cookie Monster, Wasalaam 🙂 That is a good question…is there a correct answer? Probably not, but here goes anyway. In the greater scheme of things, even if the radicalists are a majority, it does not make their beliefs “conformist” if their beliefs pose a danger to any segment of society. If not, then conformity, or lack thereof, would be a non-issue.

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