Waves upon Waves of Heat

Oh my Allah, it is so hot. Yesterday, of all days, when we decided to spend the day outdoors at a local botanical garden, was the hottest day for that date in 95 years. It was an uncharacteristic 95 degrees. At the time, while we were outside, I had no idea what the temperature was. I thought it was probably 80 or so, which it should normally be, and I was wondering why I could hardly stand it. Come to find out this morning that it was indeed hellishly hot, and there is nothing wrong with my internal thermometer. Whew!

Today, the heat was back. Unrelenting it is. The only thing that makes it slightly bearable is praying. Sounds odd, and not something I’ve noticed before, I don’t think. But, at the end of dhuhr salaah, I felt about 15 degrees cooler. And the process repeated for ‘Asr. I wonder if it will repeat for Maghrib…which I’m off to pray right now.

Oh, this is murder. What will hell be like? I hope I don’t have to find out. I can’t handle this, as it is. Oh my Allah, I didn’t even realize there is an air-conditioner right next to me that I can turn on!!! It’s official, the heat has fried my brain.


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6 Responses to Waves upon Waves of Heat

  1. AD says:

    hell is so unimagnable that it is not even funny!

  2. Umm Travis says:

    I hate heat and humidity

    It is even worse here for like 4 to 5 months (it is slowly increasing these days) and then combine it with one of the worst cities for pollution and the smell of garbage and donkey crap 😦 ewww yuck!

    may Allah help us and grant us mercy, ameen!

  3. AD, too true. And welcome to my blog 🙂

    Umm Travis, Ameen! And yes, heat is bad…add humidity, and you just want to die! lol The word-picture you paint really makes me feel for you and makes me realize I should be thankful I only have a headache to complain about! I know that this sudden spike in temperature will be gone by next week. I wonder if it will rain, or just turn winter-cold or what? Such is the unpredictability of our weather out here 😕

  4. Hey salaams!

    Heat is such a crazy thing because technically cold doesnt exist (more like lack of heat), and the amount each one can bear is a blessing on it’s own!

    When the heat gets that touch above what I can bear, my mind drifts out to those workers in Dubai whose job it is to surface roads in the peak of summer; an automatic prayer always goes out to them.

    As for me – I’m a heat junkie, and I love the hot stuff (as long as I have water with me to drink). There is something about the warm which is incomparable to the lack of it.

  5. realistic bird says:


    My mom asks the same thing when it is hot, what hell would be like?

    We are having the oddest weather ever, 3 days of spring weather than one or two days of summer weather then again the same thing.

  6. Cookie Monster, Wasalaam 🙂 Cold doesn’t exist, but it sure feels like it does when the air con is going full blast 😛 And you something, those who labor in the hottest sun are also in my thoughts when the heat is so killing. Dubai notwithstanding, every time I pop a strawberry in my mouth, I am reminded that the price is so low only because migrant labor is here to pick them for next to nothing. And California heat is not pleasant during strawberry-picking season! So, I hear you. And I love the heat too…just not when it’s hot enough to remind me of hell!

    realistic bird, Wasalaam 🙂 I think I started asking that question because my mom has said it so many times over the years…our mommies have something in common! Our weather has swung to the chilly side now. It’s beyond bizarre. I am actually wanting to turn the heater on, can you believe that?!

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