Looking Backwards…and Forward

Remember back in the day when we snickered at Bill Clinton for asking the lawyerly question, “But what is is?” Well, today, I wish President Obama would just get it over with and do the same thing with regard to torture. Instead, he is hemming and hawing over, “Was that torture? And if it was, why should we do anything about it?” Is he trying to make us think he’s actually putting some deep thought into this? What deep thought is necessary? When even a Fox News anchor is saying, “We’re America! We’re not supposed to torture!” isn’t it all pretty self-evident ? Meanwhile, our Senate Democratice “leadership” is actually coming out and saying that they are directly opposed to the idea of a torture commision.

Oh, and mad props to Nancy Pelosi for actually wanting an independent Torture Commission. I know, how low have I sunk to actually give a politician props for doing her job? Maybe we could call it the Commission on Harsh Interrogation Techniques that Even Some Soldiers Dislike, for all those squeamish about the T word.


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2 Responses to Looking Backwards…and Forward

  1. realistic bird says:

    I beg to differ they are “enhanced techniques” 😛

    When an individual crosses the moral red lines nothing seems odd anymore to them.

    One of the reasons they are dancing around the issue is because many heads are doing to roll if they open the file wide open.

  2. Yessss, that’s the word I was looking for! The other reason is that there is really no difference from one politician to another. Even when one (like Pelosi) is pushing for a Commission, it’s mainly to play the Good Cop-Bad Cop game. There’s a slight chance she is sincere…but then, why would she be a politician?!

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