I <3 All Things Shiney

Exactly one week ago I lost my lovely silver Motorola (and yes, I do miss it…true love never fades eh?) at college. In my foolish optimism I presumed whoever picked it up would drop it off at Lost and Found. Hah! As if.

On Friday my sweet big sis ordered a new phone for me (which is free with our family plan, yippy). It arrived yesterday, as I expected. But I kinda expected it would arrive early in the afternoon, and it arrived at night. And yes, the extra three hours did make a difference. Sheesh. 😛 But hey, the delivery man was really friendly, so I did feel all the more guilty about my impatience.

Anyways, my phone rocks mashaAllah. The screen is literally shiney, and when it’s in standby mode it’s like a mirror! I don’t have to carry a mirror with me anymore, not that I ever did much, but that’s the point. I always used to forget it, and sometimes I’d actually need it, so now it’s all good! It’s also got a 2 mega pixel camera, which is pretty good alhamdulillah. Now, I can random pictures when I want to!  Oh, most important of all, the call quality is nice! Ignore the fact that I placed that detail last, it really is important of course. :p


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2 Responses to I <3 All Things Shiney

  1. LiL Tauwu$ says:

    Aww, haha, lucky you, what phone iz it? 😛

  2. It be an LG Shine alhamdulillah. 😉

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