Deaf Culture

In Sign Language class we watched a movie about a deaf child who wanted a cochlear implant. Her parents were flat out against it, then considered it, and ultimately decided against it. Their reason being: they want their child to be proud to be deaf and appreciate Deaf culture. That does make a certain amount of sense to me, they are a minority who are clearly discriminated against and they have every right to their culture and to keep sign language strong.  Given the fact that a cochlear implant is not readily accessible for those from a lower income group, the already small Deaf community would become smaller.  I even do see how invasive the cochlear implant is, an watching a tiny baby being operated on and being drilled in the head was freaky.

But then I think about it…  And wonder, for a Muslim child who is deaf, not having a cochlear implant would remove so many amazing experiences.  I cannot imagine not being able to listen to the Quran, go to the Haramain and not hear the adhaan and salaah live, and not even hear simple things like the rain pattering against the windows or hearing the silly, crazy noises my brother makes. 😉  All that makes me wonder, would having an cochlear implant for a child be so bad? 😕


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4 Responses to Deaf Culture

  1. mm says:

    We should all be thankful to Allah for all that he has given us..

  2. LiL Tauwu$ says:

    “I cannot imagine not being able to listen to the Quran, go to the Haramain and not hear the adhaan and salaah live”

    ^I knowww, that’s sooo sad! =( I don’t even wna fiink about it! =(

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting.. i agree, must be quite scary watching a little baby being operated on. Heart wrenching for the parents.

    I briefly attended a school for special needs children where there were quite a few deaf people. Learnt only a bit of sign language.. which i’ve forgotten by now.

    Happy that i can still do a bit of the alphabet though. ^_^ The easiest is the vowels. Hehe.

  4. mm, true, we do take things for granted.. alhamdulillah for everything!

    Anonymous, I agree, the pain and fear the parents must go through is scary. Hehe, that is quite good, that you still remember the alphabets. I think another friend of mine was telling me she even forgot the alphabets. lol.

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