Would you love him any less?

Sayyidina Abu Dharr al Ghifaari (Radiallahu Anhu) was a special sahabi. The strength of his imaan is something we can only wish to aim for. He lived through the hardest times the Muslims went through, but when the times of luxury came upon him, he shunned it and tried to urge his brothers to shun it as well.  It led him to live a life of isolation, but a life that he was content with.

Thinking about his ways and his strictness got me thinking. If a person today was only quarter of the way of Abu Dharr (Radiallahu Anhu) how would we react to such a brother? We claim to love the Sahabah, yet it those who strive to imitate them are not favored.   They are looked down as backwards, primitive, and extreme and they somehow are making Islam harder then it is.  Not only that, even if they chose to live away from the community, people would go out of their way to pick on the person.  If only we could just let people be themselves.  If only we could just accept that we’re all human and have our differences…


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3 Responses to Would you love him any less?

  1. mm says:

    innit…we live in an ajeeb time..
    may Allah give us hidaya

  2. realistic bird says:


    People will always pick one what is different than them but then our akhlaaq (morals) should intervene and help us remember that the widely spread thought is not necessarily the correct one.

  3. ^ That’s what is what was in my head, but somehow couldn’t get the right words to express it. Jazakillah khair. ❤

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