The Future of Food

Does the idea of genetically modified food bug you, but you don’t really know what it’s all about or how exactly it is impacting life as we know it? The movie, The Future of Food, found now on pulls together information on the patenting and modification of food in a way that is easy to fall. I’m watching this very informative film right now. I’m wondering, if the seed companies like Monsanto can sue farmers for growing plants that literally blew in by the wind, why can’t the farmers sue the companies for trespassing on their properties and violating the sanctity of their crops with the very same seeds? Perhaps it’s because the farmers don’t think in such devious ways…but they damn well should.

If you can watch this movie in your country (don’t know if hulu is restricted to serve only US viewers), then do so. I’m going back to the film now 🙂


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  1. Hey salaams!

    The video is not viewable in the UK unfortunately 😦

    There was a big hoo ha about GM crops and non organic food in the UK a while back, and although I couldn’t be bothered by it all, I love the Islamic (and Jewish thinking to that respect) about the type of food/method of growing food that we should eat, especially with meat. It’s healthy, scientifically sensible, and keeps the food chain in check (regardless of what the animal rights campaigners say!).

    As for GM crops – I think it is a very short sighted view scientifically; I think in years to come, when our illnesses are attributed to these crops, someone will turn around and say – “Maybe GM crops was a bad idea”… So I guess nothing will change!

  2. Wassalaam 🙂 Too bad that video is not UK-friendly 😦 It’s a pity when a logical entity like science cannot foresee problems with the bio-technology that it foisting upon the people of the world. The lack of checks and balances is going to come back to bite us all, unfortunately…and all the scientists will say is, “We didn’t know, this is not what we intended, but go ahead and keep us giving us your trust.” It’s really upsetting to me, because we are expected to have faith in a system that is supposed to be based on cold, hard evidence…and all the evidence is pointing to pretty willful destruction of the most basic of things: the way we nourish the bodies Allah has given us!

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