All *blank* beat their women!

All Arab men beat their women.

Oh, so do all Indians and Pakistanis.

And all Hispanic men do the same.

Oh, and you say you’re Korean? Yeah, all Korean men beat their women too.

Especially when they become Muslim.

It’s not to do with Islam or anything, Islam is a good religion and doesn’t teach this kind of behavior. But I just wanted to warn you, because you’re new to the religion, and people don’t like to tell new Muslims these true things. So, one day ten years from now, you’ll remember that one lady who tried who tried to tell you! And these girls who tried to stop me!

No, these are not my words and thoughts. They’re the real thoughts and feelings of an Arab woman who I don’t know from a bar of soap. Last night, we were sitting in the masjid with a woman who is new to Islam. We were talking about Islamic fundamentals, and then this completely strange person walked into the room. When she found out that this girl is a new Muslim, she launched into the above tirade, and no amount of polite distraction could derail her. At first, I was mildly amused because it was so stupid that all I could do was laugh on the inside…but then when she started telling the girl about her own culture and ethnicity, I had enough. Talk smack about your own culture…but don’t get offensive about another’s. It’s rude. Since when are Muslims are allowed to be rude?!

And don’t tell me, five times, that you’re a Ph.D in Nutrition when you’re clearly far too uninformed for anything but a Ph.D in Numbskullness. Fer cryin’ out loud, woman! *imagine a Southern accent*


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  1. Hey salaams!

    I want to say ignorance is bliss, but that would be insulting the ignorant people! One thing which makes me appreciate Islam more than anything is the fact that one should appreciate someone elses opinion, for you may not know when you are right or wrong. However, this woman reminds me of my colleague, who uses the word “ALL” so liberally, it is unbelievable.

    ALL means explicitly EVERYONE, and it is very shortsighted to take that opinion. Saying that, she may be a sufferer looking for support – who knows!

  2. Ajla says:

    *imagines the Southern accent* Lovin’ it. πŸ˜€

    Selam aleykum, long time no speak!

    Why, did she not mention the Balkan people?! How insulting. Seriously, such people are like incredible. Stupidity and ignorance amaze me and I can’t help but believe if I’d be surrounded by such people, I’d go for advice and socialisation to the snail next door. Ncnc.

  3. realistic bird says:


    That woman has a serious problem or maybe she is on a mission to drive the new Muslims away from Islam because she brought it up only when she knew about the new revert even though she contradicted herself later on.

    La hawla wala quwata ilal billah, may Allah protect us from such people, ameen.

  4. Lisa says:

    Oh I love this post! Missed you lots missy. I notice that they like to resort to their credentials quite a lot, maybe to deflect from herself a little. She makes it sound like revert men do it the most, almost like she had to throw Arab men in just for grins. So sorry sweetie, is there another masjid in town?

  5. zahra says:

    While she was wrong to generalize……my wedding khutba – given by a lovely young imam trying to get a position at this large US Mosque was almost entirely on how it is wrong for a Muslim woman to call 911 when her husband beats her (like I should be planning on it) because it causes problems with other’s perceptions of Muslims (like they beat their women). The kicker – they offered this guy the job! So yes she was wrong……but

  6. Cookie Monster, wassalaam πŸ™‚ If ignorance is bliss, then this woman was very far from blissful serenity, unfortunately. I thought of it too, that she might be a sufferer, but who knows. Her lines seemed very well rehearsed, and there was something extremely offensive rather than sympathetic about her. Allah knows best!

    Ajla, Wa Aleykum selam! πŸ™‚ I know, it’s been awhile…must fix that soon, inshaAllah! πŸ™‚ I think she did not mention Balkan people because there weren’t any in the masjid at that moment. As soon as she found out our ethnicities, she’d pile it into the mix. Bizarre, indeed. What’s ncnc, sweetness? πŸ˜•

    realistic bird, Wassalam πŸ™‚ I thought it was really odd the way she was going on…and she kept bringing up “Arab men” repeatedly, and telling the girl, “When you marry an Arab man, be careful for xyz” as if it’s a foregone conclusion that this girl became a Muslim to marry an Arab man (she did not). And, ameen!

    Lisa, Sorry about my sporadic postings! Thank you, hon πŸ™‚ Atually her focus was on Arab men, and she threw in everyone else for laughs and giggles…it was amusingly offensive in the beginning, and then became tiresomely so when she decided to attack the men of this new Muslim’s ethnicity. And I wanted to see her diploma by the fifth mention of her Ph.D! Maybe next time πŸ˜› Oh and the solution is to run people like her out of the masjid, not for the normal ones to run away…she needs to find a new place to pray! Which is ironic, because she walked in, made wudhu, launched into this tirade…and didn’t even pray πŸ˜•

    zahra, can you believe that man actually passed what was basically a job interview?! Talk about missing the plot…I wonder if it will ever occur to him (or the masjid officials) that he should have focused on the fact that it’s wrong for a Muslim man, nay, any man!, to beat his wife?! SubhanAllah…

  7. Ajla says:

    Ncnc, is like tsktsk, but Albanian-style. I can’t do the English-style. πŸ˜‰

  8. mems says:

    I really dislike it when people flash their degrees in the middle of rambling on a subject that has nothing to do with said degree. As if that one Ph.D makes them all-knowing in every other subject on the planet. Grrr…

    That being said, this post reminds me of the Baba Ali video on YouTube about arrogant people. Now *that’s* funny. πŸ˜€

  9. Ajla, I had a feeling it was something Balkan πŸ˜‰ I’m glad I didn’t sprain my brain trying to guess what it was! πŸ˜€

    mems, It’s a bit like name-dropping, isn’t it? About that video…I must go and seek it out, because I can’t recall it 😦 *early sign of aging*

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