Retiring my RSS reader

It’s time to say good-bye to my RSS reader. I know, that sounds like such a huge step backwards.

The thing is, while the RSS reader was supposed to increase efficiency in reading the blogs I like, it did the opposite. I ended up cluttering it up with a million blogs I don’t read all that often…and the primary reason for not reading them all that often is the blandness of the reader. Everything is all white in there, there are no visually distinguishing features between one blog and another, and this makes it way too boring for a visual person like myself. It also increases the strain on my brain: I have to make an effort to remember whose blog I am reading, and sometimes some people’s writing styles are so similar that I end up severely confused. In addition to all of that, it’s made me a horrible commenter: I read in the reader, and then keep reading down to the next post, and on and on and on…never managing to click on very many posts to comment on what I’ve read.

So, in a nutshell, RSS readers a) are bland; b) make bloggers sound the same in tone; and c) discourage me from being a sociable blogger. Oh, and the unread count (because I’ve been avoiding the reader due to those complications) is staggering, and every day it gets higher. The higher I know it’s getting, the more I stay away; the more I stay away, the less I read; the less I read, the less I even think about blogging on my own blog. This is one vicious circle called Technology Fail!

Hence, welcome, all of you, back into my world of bookmarks. Because Allah Knows, a girl can never have too many of those!


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7 Responses to Retiring my RSS reader

  1. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I never got into RSS myself. It seemed too much like depriving myself of the pleasure of actually visiting the blogs, which often contain something of the personality of the author, rather than just reading the individual articles. You also miss changes in the side content. The articles also accumulate, and before long you have to clear it all out like that email address you hardly ever use. Someone complained that my RSS feed address had changed when I switched to WordPress a few weeks back, but it never crossed my mind.

  2. Wa’Alaykumus Salaam 🙂 You were wiser than I…I was lured by the promise of quicker browsing. Forgot the adage “haste makes waste” and “Good things take time.”
    And I’ve had that complaint come at me in the past, and I had no idea what to do to fix things. Another reason to hate the RSS reader concept!

  3. realistic bird says:


    Do what is best for you sis. I don’t use it either, never saw the reason really. Some blogs I look over every day because I know they post many things and others every other day for the medium ones and the inactive ones from time to time. You get your own schedule in these things.

  4. You can subscribe to mine via email! That way – as soon as I post, you will get a notification 12 hours later! 😀

  5. i am truly gettin what you are tryin to say!

    and i sometimes think it is a waste that i do too! cuz those who comment i visit them anyway via their comment link!

    and the whole idea of RSS is just useless!

    p.s. see how i came thru twitter to you 🙂
    thanks for followin

  6. I had the same dillema as you. What I ended up doing is adding them to my blogroll, or bookmarking the ones I want to keep up with all day long! 🙂

  7. Specs says:

    Well, I made separate folders!

    I ALWAYS check the ones I don’t comment on (a gazillion blogs) so as not to have a host of unread ones next time I log in, but you’re right on the count that a reader makes everyone sound the same.

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