I know, it’s been a terribly long time since I’ve blogged. I’d say that life happened while I was gone, but if that were true, then I’d have had something to blog about! No, nothing happened, just have nothing much either on my mind or my fingertips. (I’ve twittered like crazy, though, this last weekend. Wimbledon got me kind of jazzed up, you know?)

Well, anyway, there’s this little thing I’ve been doing, where every Friday, we get to talk to a new Muslim woman about Islam. We started out covering the basics of tawheed (the sound belief in Oneness of Allah), salaah (prayer), wudhu (ablution, necessary for proper salaah), zakaah (alms-giving), saum (fasting), and Hajj (pilgrimmage). Now, we’ve moved onto discussing the life of the Prophet Muhammed* صل الله عليه و سلم, and Cookie Monster, unstoppable blogger and twitterer extraordinaire, expressed interest in reading what we’ve been discussing in our Friday masjid sessions. Since I do tend to write these sessions up for our new friend, I figured, why not? Also, it will get my blogging juices flowing again. Forgive me if these posts get a bit lengthy, and I hope that even if you already know most of this stuff, it’s still helpful to read. I know that every time I read something about the Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم, I pick up something new.

So, onward…there’ll be a few posts in a row for the next couple days, so that I can catch up to where we are in our current “real-life” sessions. And I’ll respond to all the back-logged comments after I come back from opening my fast (the other thing I’m doing this summer before Ramadaan) because I hate leaving your sweet comments ignored (even though I’ve been in effect ignoring them for like a month–sorry about that!).

*I’m adapting most of these from the book, The History of Islam, as well as things spliced together from other readings retained in my memory, in case anyone is interested in my source.


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2 Responses to Hello

  1. Hey salaams!

    Apologies for the delayed response, it’s been a rough few days!

    Firstly, I’m going through a purple patch, the blogging will calm down in 5-6 weeks 😀 As for twitter – well, thank you very much for the compliment @:)

    My interest in reading what you were going to discuss on that Friday is purely based on the knowledge that I have gained from this blog, and I am very grateful of that. I have spent a lot of time refining myself, my habits – both in religion and in society, based on the knowledge which you have shared with us. Inshallah I hope it continues well into the future as well!

    • Wa’Alaykum salaam 🙂 I’m way worse with the delayed responses, so no worries, mate! 😀 I’m glad these posts are helpful in some way…I got sidetracked and couldn’t dedicate the hour needed to keep typing them up, but I should be getting back to them. If nothing else, they are great for me to have to refer to every now and then. If someone else benefits, all the better, alhamdulillah 🙂

      JazakAllah khair for the sincerely kind words of encouragement…it’s always appreciated, and never gets old! 😀

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