Is It Really not a Big Deal?

How do you feel about copy-paste jobs in blogs? I don’t mind them as the blog post itself, so long as the blogger leaves in a reference to who originally wrote the article. I do mind them, though, when someone is commenting* and, instead of writing something in their own words, they’ll find a similar point of view from a newspaper opinion piece, and then paste it in as their own comment.

It drives me batty, especially when I happened to read that piece earlier under the name Betty Smith**, and now am seeing a snippet posted by say, trickOrTreatMuslim***. And then that person does it with about 10 other different writers, and as you know, every writer has their own particular writing style. These writing styles all conflict with trickOrTreatMuslim’s own writing style, and I’m often left to wonder if tOtM has some kind of personality disorder. Well, I wondered until it hit me to go search with Shaykh Google to see if those were actually professionally written excerpts.

Now that the mystery of the wickedly different writing styles is solved, I’m shaking my head in amazement. I’ve heard of people plagiarizing term papers, but that was for a grade, so I get what the pay-off is to their puny little brains. What’s the pay-off for plagiarizing a comment? 😕 Thoughts? Ideas? Feel like telling me to get a grip, it’s not that big a deal? It’s all welcome!

*This is not referring to anyone who comments on this blog. Ya’ll are all good, and nobody here is driving me batty {hugs (none for the dudes)}

**Not really Betty Smith, whoever this fine person may be; just using this name as an example.

***Not the commenter’s real pen-name.


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5 Responses to Is It Really not a Big Deal?

  1. Umm Afraz says:

    lol yeah I hate it too…your 1st para totally sums up my words…I dont mind as long as they leave a reference…and I would so totally HATE if they plagiarize!

    that said…I do copy-paste jobs in blog, and I do leave a reference, if unable o get one, I write in it aint my work..

  2. realistic bird says:

    Plagiarizing a comment?! Hmm never seen that before good you spotted it. I guess one reason might be for spam like someone likes a comment and goes on a comment spree. I have seen people spam their own comments posting it in different blogs.

  3. Umm Afraz, I’m so glad I’m not alone on that sentiment. For a while there, I thought I was just being silly. It’s just that plagiarizing really bugs me. So does people cheating on exams in a class that I studied my head of for! Grrrrrrr! I think copy-paste jobs have their place, because they usually point out things I’ve never seen before, so you’re good to go if you tell the world where it came from 🙂

    realistic bird, haha I know, I’ve never seen this sort of thing before either. In a weird sort of way, it was kind of creative 😆 And that’s just so weird, people spamming their own comments–but it’s their comment and they can do what they want for it…I’ll try not to make fun of them (difficult, tho!) 😆

  4. Well atleast the person has consistent views… I don’t quite know if they would be relevant to the posts though! 😀

    Very very weird! 😀

    • Sometimes, they are relevant in the most convoluted of ways! Drives me bonkers, I swear. And the hell of it is when the original article was written by a non-Muslim woman on a topic like hijab, and the “commenter” who is using the author’s words is a Muslim (supposedly). It’s like, I understand how the sentiment toward the topic would be shared, but doesn’t the commenter have her own experience to share?! Ajeeb, as my uncle would say!

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