Hotter on the Inside!

Our ridiculous excuse for a refrigerator (brand Maytag; moral of that story: avoid the brand like the plague!) finally decided to pack in for good, and it did so with flair. Refrigerators apparently have heaters in them (who’d have thought it?), and the repairman just replaced it for the third time. Well, the very next day, we noticed the refrigerator warming up again, and when my brother peeked into the heater area, he found the heater red-hot, like a hot iron poker. This kind of freaked us all out, because who knows what would have happened if this had taken place while we were all asleep…maybe the refrigerator would have caught fire or something? We unplugged it, and decided to put an end to it’s 10-year existence.

This weekend we’ve been searching for an upright freezer to replace the refrigerator with. We went everywhere, and finally landed at Sears. We found a model we liked, and told the salesman we’d decide over the weekend and come back during the week. He said, “But this is a 20% discount, and starting Sunday it’ll be only a 15% discount…” We said, “We don’t care, we’d rather pay $20, $30, $40 dollars more later and be super-sure, than buy it now and then be disappointed with it for the rest of it’s life.” We took the guy’s card and came home.

Then, my mom got onto the Mommy Phone A Friend For Advice Network (every woman has one, right, ladies?!), and one of her friends told her about the Sears Appliance Outlet, saying that they usually have very very good deals, so go check them out first. Maybe we’ll find the model we liked, for up 40-50 percent less. So, ok, we went. Here is where I stop talking about the refrigerators and start talking about ovens.

Because while it was 85 degrees outside, it was about 105 degrees inside this outlet store. The whole time we were looking at the refrigerators, we felt like we were in an oven. What in God, Heaven, and Hell’s name are they thinking in that place?! And they had these huge overhead fans circulating all this hot air around to make us feel even worse. I was so blisteringly hot in there, I wouldn’t have bought anything even if I was really in love with the item. I don’t know how the employees go in to work there everyday–no wonder they sounded kind of surly on the phone when I called to ask what products they had in stock. Talk about sweatshop labor!

When we got back outside, it was like stepping into winter. For a few minutes, we didn’t even have to turn on the air-con in the car. Until we realized that it is summer in California, after all.

Ok, back to talking about refrigerators, or more specifically, the prices on things in there. It was really weird. Some things were really reduced in price (the more the cosmetic damage, the greater the reduction), but then when you add the Sears Master Protection Plan, it jacks up the price to be the same as you’d pay in the store, because the Master Protection Plan at the Outlet is based on the item’s original price, while the MPP at the store is based on the sale price. Very odd, or shall I say, very gimmicky. (And the MPP is pretty much a necessity to have, so that all future repairs will be covered, parts and labor, for 3 or 5 years…given how things are made these days, whatever we buy will definitely be seeing a repairman within a couple of years…and we’d rather go with a Sears repairman than the independent one we’ve been using the last few years…coz that has clearly not worked out very well!)

So, back to the store we go. Where we won’t have to feel like we’re shopping inside an oven.


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10 Responses to Hotter on the Inside!

  1. BuJassem says:

    this cracked me up.. oh, i hope you have a safe fridge now!

    btw, the heater is not a heater in the fridge, it’s a compressor.. or quite simply a pump.. the size of a small motorcycle engine really.. all it does is pump refrigerant fluid around, and when it expands, it cools.. but when it gets compressed it heats up. now if there is a blockage then this pump/compressor will overheat, and show as red hot.

    the red hot is not dangerous alone.. but the really dangerous (and very stupid thing) is if the thing explodes!!!! it’s like blowing too much air in a baloon.. it might get a bit hot, but the real danger is the thing going bang! exploding red hot metal objects are never good.

    you need to whack your repair man on the head for me, please!

    • Hmmmm, he said something about it being a defrost heater, but I’m not sure that he knows what he was talking about 😕 Last time he came, it was the compressor… My brother was saying something about an explosion being a possibility, but I thought maybe he was being a bit melodramatic. I guess not! Sheesh.

      I’m taking that thing and whacking him upside the head tomorrow…on our way to put down the order for the new fridge! 😀

  2. filhaal says:

    I never knew how intricately complex fridges were :/ We have two, one being in the garage. That one is rubbish; I think it’s nearing it’s life as well. Recently I was hungry and saw that there were some grapes inside, but discovered there was fungus growing on the whole bunch. Lovely.

    Haha, so the fans were actually circulating the hot air? That’s pretty dumb. Maybe they can’t afford the luxury of windows.

    • Oh, that’s distressing, to find fungus on food in a place that’s supposed to keep things fresh! And totally traumatizing when you see it when you’re hungry! I feel for you…

      Well, it was this super-huge warehouse building, so no windows to be had…and perhaps they were saving money by not turning on the air-con…but good grief, that’s insane.

  3. Ummlayla says:

    Ahhhh, I feel your pain! I have a fridge in my kitchen that is a frigidaire circa 1950… It is small, has no freezer to speak of and zaps you if you have your hand on it and another appliance. Which only seems to happen to me since I tend to balance myself on the stove while getting up from looking at the lowest shelf. I can’t wait to get a new one!!!

    • SubhanAllah…I swear, you are so lucky you can say you have a (semi)functional item from the 1950s! The shock doesn’t sound like so much fun, and I hope you get a new one soon, inshaAllah! Although, I must say I don’t think our fridges of today are going to be lasting 50 years 😦

  4. BuJassem says:

    ok.. some expensive fridges have a small heater to warm the door lining SLIGHTLY to avoid condensation.. but it’s as warm as half a candle.. not more.. so this heat is coming from the main heat pump or compressor.. and yes, it could blow.. damn idiot technician!

    i could be working with your bro to scare you though.. oh .. hello NSA.. honestly we’re just joking here! ok i better go back to work! i meant my normal day job.. u know..

    • I think you are working with my bro to scare me 😦 coz someone is always in the kitchen at some time or another, and it’s kind of setting in that someone could have been severely injured at the very least. Alhamdulillah that my brother saw it in time, and didn’t get injured in the process. It’s kind of shocking to think how close injury and death is at any given time.

  5. realistic bird says:


    There is nothing more annoying than a broken down appliance. We have been having problems with one of our switching lights for a few days now until my brother fixed it today, made my mother want to pull it out of the wall lol.

    We had a problem with our fridge a few months back but it turned out something was clogging the fan I think.

    Congrats on the new fridge! 😀

    • Wa’Alaykum Salaam, and thank you! 🙂 Yeah, that’s exactly how you feel when these things malfunction: like you want to rip the darned things right out! Alhamdulillah that your brother could sort it out…I’m imagining lights blinking on and off repeatedly and it sound like torture!

      Oh yeah, this fridge had something clogging some pipe a couple months ago…it’s always something or another 😕

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