Health Care on the Table

So, the past couple of weeks has seen some furious debate over the long-awaited and oft-touted universal health care plan that this country desperately needs. This bill that is being presented, tweaked, re-presented, and re-tweaked is sounding like it’s going to be a disaster. And this I’m gleaning from the very sparse coverage that the bill is receiving. It seems like the media (and the White House) is up for talking about every other distraction in a vain effort to avoid talking about this bill, and instead chooses to focus on things like the latest Republican politician’s affair, or the Cambridge police, Professor Gates, Sergeant Crowley, beer in the White House with the President, and now the neighbor who nobody cares if she’s a racist or not, and other things that are really not worth 15 minutes of air-time, let alone days and weeks of coverage.

In the meantime, all I know about the health care bill being proposed is that it is going to require that everyone get health care coverage. If people fail to insure themselves, they can count on being fined. Great. Do those politicians up on Capitol Hill not realize that people can’t get coverage if they can’t afford it? The 47 million uninsured are uncovered not because they are unsure if health care insurance is a good idea…we are uninsured because we don’t have the financial resources to go out and get it. It’s your job to help us get it…not sit there in your leather chairs and tell us to get it. We already know we need health care insurance. Just because we’re uninsured does not mean we’re stupid. You’re the incredibly bone-headed ones for not coming up with a plan for how to pay for it.

And while Congress is busy telling us the obvious, health care insurance companies are seeing their stocks rise in rapid reaction to what is clearly good news for them. Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lousy bill passed, pretend like it’s a great solution, and start seeing the repercussions in about 10 years. By then, we’ll be too embroiled in the legislative disaster of that day, and tons of Republicans will say that the universal health care plan is all a disaster because of tax-and-spend liberals, conveniently ignoring the many liberal hearts that are, in ironic actuality, bleeding for the health care insurers and giving us an insure-or-be-fined-or-your-deathbed bill. And where is President Obama in all of this? He is busy rolling over on everything Congress is sending his way. And, the most coherent statements he can make are in regard to the Gates situation…in the middle of a press conference that was supposed to be about health care.  Thanks, in advance, for nothing, ye hope-and-change politicians in Congress and the White House!


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5 Responses to Health Care on the Table

  1. Ayan says:

    That’s pretty sad and twisted way to get people to get their health insurance.

    However, what boggles my mind is why most Americans are so opposed to universal health care plan. I believe USA is the only first world nation that opted out at such plan. We have universal health care here in Canada, it pretty good alhamdulillah. Sure there are issues here and there (especially when it comes to waiting list for certain surgeries and treatments). But, we can always have the option of private health care if I recall correctly. If, it wasn’t for the health care issue I wouldn’t mind relocating to the States (maybe one day inshAllah 🙂 ).

    • It is diabolical indeed. If they can’t afford insurance, and are sick in hospital, what on earth makes these lawmakers think they can afford a ridiculous fine and the added stress?

      America is funny that way! I’m not sure if most of us are opposed to UHC; I think it’s most of the wealthy who are opposed, for they see it as “socialism,” and Robin Hood-ism. It’s wrong-headed, and selfish, but they will excuse it as “free market capitalism.”

      I wouldn’t mind relocating to Canada, so maybe we can trade places if we ever get a decent UHC plan! For now, if I were you, I’d stick to what Canada is offering, no matter the few issues! 😀

  2. D.S. says:

    They (republicans) keep saying how its going to cost billions of dollars to cover this healtcare plan, but they have to realize that its only going to cost that much in the beginning. If the plan goes through then everybody who needs medical help will get it right away, but as soon as that first group gets their help then it will simmer down and the cost of the healthcare plan will drop.

    Also, this may be just a conspiracy theory, I think the republicans don’t want to do this because they don’t want to prove Obama right. They would much rather see millions of people suffer than to see a democratic president succeed.

  3. Hey salaams!

    I have always wondered why the States have never had a healthcare system like UK. I mean people complain here like crazy when they get it all for free…. and then I realised 2 numbers – 65million vs 300 million…. AH!

    Unfrtunately, there is no better way to provide decent coverage in a system like that. I mean you can look at India with a billion people – state hospitals are really really unhealthy, and you have to shell out to get decent treatment.

    I think the problem may be that regulatory bodies may not be strong enough to keep the insurance companies in check (do they exist? I don’t know much about the system). It’s a shame to hear the same old problems year after year – it’s a real shame.

  4. D.S., the cost drawback is so bogus, it’s not even funny. We’ve spent, what, a trillion dollars and counting?, on war. We’ve bailed out banks in the mega-billions, and the only way we keep bailing them out is to pretty much guarantee no government oversight. Any costly initiative always seems to be argued to death, sometimes literally. As far as the Repubs not wanting to see President Obama, or any Democratic president, succeed…well, they’ve pretty much come right out and said it. The level of shamelessness is disgusting, especially because a President failing means the nation fails.

    Cookie Monster, WaAlaykum Salam 🙂 Yes, the numbers are very different between the US and the UK (and other countries with great healthcare). But, that is not the whole story, or even an out that I personally want to consider. There was study recently that claims that up to 30 percent of insurance company costs go towards paperwork. In addition, insurance companies spend huge amounts of time, manpower, and money to find ways to avoid covering those who have healthcare. I can’t help but think that if they readjusted their priorities from seeing everything in terms of their bottomline, to acknowleding that ordinary people have bottom lines to consider as well, in addition to the health problems they must overcome, it would be a blessing that would have the insurers seeing returns. The lack of oversight is a tremendous problem…but government seems more inclined towards less oversight of everything.

    And how incredible is it that Americans actually go overseas, to places like the Far East and India, for affordable and better health care? It’s really something, considering the conditions you mentioned!

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