Locate me?

I was watching some old video of President Bush (cleaning up my YouTube favorites…don’t ask why President Bush was in my favorites, I don’t know; and Obama and Hillary Clinton were favorited, too). It was late at night, and you know how late-night surfing goes: one click led to another, and  somehow I ended up looking up my IP, and then seeing if the IP locators are really all that great at pinpointing locations.

At first, I was freaked out because, wow, it is pretty accurate, and any of you for whom I leave comments can track me down and demand a cup of tea and slice of cake without even warning me you’re coming! So, at first, I thought it had my location dead-on target. Then I zoomed in, and was so relieved, because it’s off by like a mile, and of course that will force you guys to twitter me for directions, meaning I’ll have time to, I don’t know, fill the sugar bowl or something.

Then I freaked out again, because I realized that it has me located in the local cemetery. That cemetery even happens to have a Muslim burial corner. I am not blogging from the cemetery! I am not Twittering from the cemetery! I am not surfing the web from the cemetery! I am not! in! the! cemetery!!!

It would have been better for the locator thingie to have been dead-on rather than have me considered dead altogether.


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16 Responses to Locate me?

  1. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    To find out exactly where you are, someone would need to get in touch with someone at your phone company or ISP, because only they know who logged in and when. What they will tell is roughly where you logged in from and with what ISP. Often, the location is inexact; when I go to a blog with the Feedjit panel (like Jamerican’s) and I’m using my own computer at home in New Malden, it will say “London, United Kingdom arrived …”, but when I’m using a Mac in the Apple Store in Kingston, it will tell me I’m in New Malden or even Raynes Park! So don’t think anyone can casually trace you from your IP address.

  2. falakk says:

    Cemetery? Seriously? Ahahaha!

    Mine locates me at the town next door, but I guess that’s because the town I actually live in is WAAAAAY too small to be on the map! 😀

    ❤ Falak

  3. realistic bird says:

    Lol 😆 met any of your neighbors? 😛

  4. Ajla says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ;D Hilarious!!!

  5. Yusuf Smith, I remember seeing my location on those Feedjit thingies reported as being a few cities over some time back. Then, lately, the widget has been reporting my city. So it was interesting to see IP locator map it. If it hadn’t pinned me to the cemetery, I would have probably just forgotten all about it!

    falakk, 😆 seriously! I’d love to live in a place too small to be mapped 😀

    realistic bird, 😆 Well, the stories I could tell you about them…

    Ajla, 😆 It is ridiculously funny; seeing yourself in a cemetery in the middle of the night, tho… :eeks:

  6. the crayon says:

    Ahaha, that is hilarious!! And yes, slightly freaky as well.

    But about IP addresses- they are so absolutely scary. Seriously, anyone in the world could know where you are! All at the touch of a button! And once you’re in the general area, you could ask around to find out exactly where the house is… Yes, I’ve thought it over lol, and it freaks me out. 😛

    (btw, you are zan from LI, right?..or am I a little confused?)

    • 😆 That would work pretty well if you’re in a country where everyone knows where everyone else lives…like, for example, Syria 😛

      (You’re not confused. Nice seeing you here! *hugs*)

      • the crayon says:

        Ahh yes, the joy of being in a tiny little place where everyone knows everyone and everyone talks about everyone. Gotta love it… :S Lol.

        Woot! Rockin’ blog mashaAllah, definitely going to constantly check it out inshaAllah.

        • lol it’s part of the charm of life in an ancient and beautiful place 😛 Can’t have it all halwa and honey all the time 😀

          JazakiAllah khair, colorful crayon! You’re welcome anytime *hugs*

  7. Specs says:

    Oooh, hahaha. That’s so spooky tis not even funny! (in a way!) 😀

  8. LOL!
    blogging from the cemetery sounds like great fun.
    Laptop against a head stone, typing away..

  9. D.S. says:

    I seem to be located a few miles away from where I am so I appear to be safe from my enemies… for now.

  10. nadia says:

    I didn’t know cemeteries have internet connection these days 🙂

  11. H says:

    My location showed up some 3+ miles away- oddly enough as someone else’s house. At least being in a cemetery has a certain morbid charm to it…

  12. That’s funny. But whenever I look up my IP address and location, it shows me a whole different town altogether.

    What do you call the people who have ‘connections’ with the dead? Psychics, right? Doesn’t you blogging from the cemetery and us being able to read it, make us all psychics? Wonderful. I always thought I was one.

  13. Miss Specs, 😆 I know, right?

    [[[ x Smiley x ]]], 😆 now, there’s an image; I should find an picture like that and make it my avatar!

    D.S., Enjoy it while you can! 😀

    nadia, All the world is hooked up, these days! 😀 And welcome 🙂

    H, Welcome! Morbid charm, actually, describes me perfectly! 😆

    The Ruling Numerator, Wait, are you trying to cash in on my death?! 😆

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