Early Morning Conversation

This is a little conversation that took place this morning. It’s a simple but amazing illustration of my mother’s silence and strength.

Me: Mom, it’s your birthday today!

Mom: No, yesterday was my birthday. Today is the 7th.

Me: *horrified -> look at the calendar -> relieved* Nope, today is still the 6th.

Mom: It is? *peers at the calendar* Oh, it is!

Me: Did you think we forgot your birthday?! 😯

Mom: Well…so today is my birthday! Ok, then!

And she didn’t even say anything all day yesterday, which she must have spent intermittently thinking that her own kids, who she freaking slaves away for to make us happy, forgot to wish her a happy birthday. Now, we don’t celebrate birthdays with the whole presents and party kind of thing, but I think that mommy deserves a present for not even showing us that she was sad over us “forgetting” her birthday.


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14 Responses to Early Morning Conversation

  1. Poor sweet lil mumsy… She didn’t even slightly show any hint of being forgotten. Man… How did she manage that?!

  2. Joud says:

    Aww, she sounds like a sweetheart mashaAllah! You girlies better remember next time!:p

  3. shraddha says:

    aww how sweet!

  4. Awww thats soo cute! 😀
    may the Almighty keep you all happy and safe always, ameen.

  5. Yup subhan’Allah mommies have a great amount of saber, insha’Allah she was glad she made the mistake (a rare occasion for monnies) and you didn’t forget her birthday 😀

    Ameen to the dua!

  6. shraddha, 🙂 and welcome!

    [[[ X smiley X ]]], Ameen!

    realisticbird, Yeah, it was a rare occasion! It really is shocking sometimes to see how much sabr goes into motherhood…

  7. I don’t know my mother’s real birth date. -_- And I can’t be bothered with the fake one.

  8. Haris Gulzar says:

    May Allah SWT keep u blessed with the presence of your parents Insha-Allah.

  9. TRN, Oh, come now! You must find out her real birthdate. She’s the only mother you have, and is part of your history 🙂

    Haris Gulzar, Ameen! JazakAllah khair for the beautiful du’aa! And welcome to our blog 🙂

  10. How do you find out if the mother herself remembers not? =_=

  11. Alisha says:

    That’s plain sweet of her. Your Mum is lucky too to get a daughter like you, not many would have appreciated it like you did. 🙂

  12. TRN, Well, that makes it a darned sight harder 😦 Hmmmm, that’s a new one on me!

    Alisha, No, it’s just a sign of how horrible we are that she’d just accept it so “easily.” 😦 But, it’s lovely of you to say so! 🙂

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