Quietness in the Air…

We all ate together tonight, of course mother took her own time getting to the table because Allah knows mothers have a million things to do before actually getting to enjoy a meal.  Except for big brother’s attempt at conversation, which was quite the odd topic at that, it was oddly quiet.  Meal times are usually full of life in our house when we actually eat together, and might even erupt into quite heated discussion where two people are agreeing with each other yet somehow don’t realize it.   But I had a headache today, and it appears everybody is sleepy.  How utterly strange.  To add to it, the night is really quiet too.  Aside from the chirpy lil cricket and my typing, it is quiet out there.  Oh my gawsh, the cricket stopped chirping!! I almost feel creeped out.  At least I have a blog to seek comfort and security in.  (Wow, that looks lamer on the screen than in my head!)


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9 Responses to Quietness in the Air…

  1. Haris Gulzar says:

    Books, they say, are the best friends one can have. I think it should now be replaced with blogs hehe :-P. This is computer age…

    And yeah, mothers are always late to table, thats because they have to make sure others get everything in time to enjoy their meals…

  2. I can’t remember the last time we had a proper family meal. -_- But that reminds me that my mother is always trying to get all 5 of us down together. It just never happens.

    May I pick on your typos, Mamsoo? 😀

  3. Dude, what time did you type this up? :X Like TRN said, may we pick on your typos? *pssstt: the only reason they are no longer there is coz I cleaned ’em out*

    And who were those two who argue while never realizing they are actually agreeing? 😛

  4. Joud says:

    The calm before the storm, perhaps?

    But probably not. Sometimes people are quiet for no reason at all, just absorbed in their own thoughts. One way I know that I’m really comfortable with a person is when I enjoy the quietness between us- not tolerate it, enjoy it.

  5. Haris, I think books might still be my best friend, cuz well it does all the talking so that I don’t have to. That’s very handy when I have little to say. 😉 Btw, welcome to our blog!

    TRN, try to get your siblings down for a meal together… You’ll might enjoy it inshaAllah. 😉 Typos, what typos? *baffled* 😉

    Nomad, I believe I typed it around 9:30 or 10 pm. Allahu ‘alam. 🙂 Ah, I can notice what one of the typos must have been but can’t pick up what the others were. Ah well, thanks. 😉 All these years, and you can’t figure out who the two are? :shocked:

    Joud, calm before the storm? Oh no, we don’t believe in that around here…we just rush into the storm and get it over with.. Haha. Yeah, that is true about enjoying the silence. 🙂

  6. Alisha says:

    My Mum actually doesn’t get to eat undisturbed because she keeps serving us and has to pass the curry/water/bread. Once I had to take this chore coz she had to attend a wedding and oh my, what a chore it was! In the end I refused to serve or pass stuff because I never got around to eating! Unlike my mum, who never complains, Alhamdulillah.
    And conversations at the table do get quiet sometimes. We all get caught up in our own thoughts.

  7. Hey salaams!

    I make sure that we all sit down and eat our meals together everyday – no matter HOW long mom takes to eventually settle down to eat. Your post sounds like a typical day at our house!

  8. realistic bird says:


    We always have noise in the house if it is not the TV then it is us talking, if we are not talking then it is the parrot, if not the parrot then it is the canaries so it is nice to have some quiet time, clears the head. 😀

  9. Alisha, oh yeah, I definitely couldn’t take over my mother’s tasks. I look at her, and keep telling myself ok, I seriously need to start doing more…

    Cookie Monster, that’s awesome mashaAllah! That’s a great memory for your siblings to look back on and remember some day. 🙂

    Birdy, haha! On a quiet day, I’d most probably want a parrot. After all, I never thought I’d long for a cricket to chirp relentlessly. 🙂

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