Upside Down?

No wonder! I was pressing the up button, and the station was going down. Then I looked and realized the remote control was upside down.

LOL… My brother is a genius!


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6 Responses to Upside Down?

  1. That used to happen, but not anymore. Our remost is now thicker at the back end, which is helpful.

  2. D.S. says:

    My brother once complained to me about how the cable box wasn’t changing channels. He tried for several minutes and couldn’t change anything and said that I had to call the cable company to get someone to fix it… the remote needed new batteries.

  3. realistic bird says:


    Khehehe, something similar happened to my mom, she opened the TV and the receiver and she kept pressing the remote but nothing happened so she told my sister but both didn’t know what the problem was. When I came I found out they didn’t put the on button for the receiver to work. 😆

  4. Umm Khawla says:

    haha brothers.. sigh. Gotta love ’em.

  5. Sumayah says:

    It happens to the best of us.

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