A Road Littered

(Noun), “Change is a-coming!”
(Verb), “Change the subject, please.”
Simultaneously effortless and impossible.

The path to transformation is littered with debris,
including a million lists of tasks to be done,
a few epics containing dreams to be realized,
and a lengthy playbill of the people I’ve disappointed.

A lonely trail,
one in which I seek only my own company
because I am too afraid
to see myself in the eyes of my loved ones.

An unlit road,
where I go through the motions of the day
as if under a cloud,
and I feel I really should have just spent the day in bed.

It comes like a hot flame,
shining a light on the scars within,
guiding me towards the Only One who will hold my hand,
burning to bits the debris of a former life.

Making it so
I can breathe

Change is not easy,
and if I achieve it,
I’ve waged a most meaningful battle.
I can’t change the world, but I can change myself.

This was a Nomadic Production, originally blogged here for the  series on change.


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6 Responses to A Road Littered

  1. Hey salaams!

    And you DID blog it! 🙂

    It still hits home, and it is so true, that trying to make that change is a lonely path, but it is all worth it regardless of the change happening or not.

  2. Salaam,

    *thumbs up* masha’Allah sis. 🙂 Change is hard but without it there can’t be hope or a better future.

  3. Wa’Alaykum Salam 🙂
    Cookie Monster, Yes, I finally did. Falakk-ji’s round of guest-blogging made me remember that I intended to cross-post it here at some point. It is all the truer everyday. Change is hard, but inshaAllah the results are always worth the effort.

    realisticbird, true say! Thanks, sis, and I’m loving your new blog! (Just say the link in your name) 🙂

  4. Alisha says:

    This is a beautiful poem DigiN. It actually inspired me to write a post- still a draft.

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