And they ask, “Why, Mommy?!”

I just watched this really awesome video from TED called, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and everyone, but everyone, can benefit from listening to Simon Sinek speak on the power of why over the mechanics of what. You know how kids are always asking “Why?!” and we adults are always giving them dumb answers to shut them up? The kids are onto something when they want you to verbalize why you want them to do something, or why the world is functioning the way it is. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, anything, then why bother doing it?

The next ten times you hear a kid ask you, “Why?!” do him/her a favor and give a real answer.  As opposed to the rest of us dummies, whose why moments were stifled to the point of extinction, the kid will learn the power of why and just might end up building the next piece of gadgetry that we simply must have.

And if you don’t have any kids around to bug you to death with “Why,” then just start learning to why everything around you. It’s never too late to become an inspiration. Besides, asking why and irritating everyone around you is just plain fun. (Don’t overdo it, though; you might end up being a frustrated blogger. Don’t ask me how I know.)


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