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Speaking of why and kids, we were browsing the candy aisle at Wal-Mart this weekend. A kid comes rolling by in a shopping cart being pushed by his mother, and upon seeing my sister and I, he asked her, “Why are there ghosts here, mommy?” And she launched into a very nice explanation about how we weren’t ghosts and why we are dressed the way we are. We only caught the beginning of the conversation, but it illustrates the beauty of why. Why opens doors to understanding, no matter how “rude” or “stupid” or “irritating” the why questions seem.


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2 Responses to More From the Why Files

  1. mems says:

    First of all, OMGWelcomebackgoodtoseeyoubloggingagainFINALLY! Or rather, Asalaamu alaikum once again. I’ve been missing reading your posts, can you tell?

    Secondly, I love that you brought this topic to light because I’ve always wondered what my answers would be to the endless why questions from kids. I can’t really share more coherent thoughts/opinions because I’m drowning in my finals at the moment.

    Happy to see you’re back from your blogging hiatus and hoping you continue for a long time! ❤

    • WaAlaikum Salaam! It’s so good to see you here, mems! It’s better to be missed by a few than to have everyone heave a huge sigh of relief when one disappears 🙂

      InshaAllah, your finals went/are going well. Freedom’s around the corner! 🙂 May Allah bless your efforts with success, ameen.

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