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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.

…Ramadaan 1…

A lot of times before Ramadaan it seems like Shaytaan is working overtime, and having his little helpers run about on their last minute errands.  Those errands end up quite punchy, figuratively speaking but sometimes well literally speaking too.  And … Continue reading

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Upside Down?

No wonder! I was pressing the up button, and the station was going down. Then I looked and realized the remote control was upside down. LOL… My brother is a genius!

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Quietness in the Air…

We all ate together tonight, of course mother took her own time getting to the table because Allah knows mothers have a million things to do before actually getting to enjoy a meal.  Except for big brother’s attempt at conversation, … Continue reading

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I’ve moved back home…

I got tired of being alone, even though I had my sister visiting, but it still wasn’t the same.  So now I’m back “home” with my sister on her lovely, funky, blog, the place where my blogging venture was born. … Continue reading

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Seems to get scarier each time…

When you live in an area which is safe, and unaffected by the trials those in other lands suffer, you kinda start to take it for granted.  Until something comes along knocks a dose of reality into and makes you … Continue reading

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Prophet Musa (’alayhisalam) said: ‘O my Lord, the people say things about me which are not (i.e. not true)!‘ So Allah revealed to him: ‘O Musa, I did not make that (privilege) for Myself, so how can I make it … Continue reading

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Would you love him any less?

Sayyidina Abu Dharr al Ghifaari (Radiallahu Anhu) was a special sahabi. The strength of his imaan is something we can only wish to aim for. He lived through the hardest times the Muslims went through, but when the times of … Continue reading

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Deaf Culture

In Sign Language class we watched a movie about a deaf child who wanted a cochlear implant. Her parents were flat out against it, then considered it, and ultimately decided against it. Their reason being: they want their child to … Continue reading

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I <3 All Things Shiney

Exactly one week ago I lost my lovely silver Motorola (and yes, I do miss it…true love never fades eh?) at college. In my foolish optimism I presumed whoever picked it up would drop it off at Lost and Found. … Continue reading

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Ooh panic!

So I happen to be a bit into the Windows Vista look, and decided I’d install a theme patcher so I could get a Vista theme.  And it backfired.  My computer ended up looking like Windows 98, and there was … Continue reading

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