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Ramadaan, day 29

The End 😥 . It came after a few hours of “Is tomorrow Eid, or is it Sunday?” And then, it was decided throughout California, that Saturday is our Eid. Alhamdulillah. It would have been nice to have a bonus … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, night 27

I have been blessed to come down with a cold yesterday, and now have a muggy headache, a scratchy throat, and a leaky faucet where my nose used to be. Consequently, sleep has evaded me all night, causing me to … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day 23

Never mind. Post deleted. I’m over it.

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Ramadaan, day 18: prepare for Laylatul Qadr

I wouldn’t put up a copy-paste job if it wasn’t worth my and your time. This is what I received thru Muhammad Al-Shareef’s mailing list, and I find it so simple and to the point. I hope we can all … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day 17

Today, I did something I have been putting off for quite some time. I made the Greek Spanokopita, and I am kind of not very enthusiastic about tasting it…knowing that there are onions in there just doesn’t help my head. … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day 16

It’s taking me a while lately to post stuff up…the days just seem terribly hectic right now, and there seems to be hardly any time to do the day’s activities, let alone blog about them 😦 My latest verses, from … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day 15

I have this thing with not wanting to be around anyone when I am reading Qur’aan. Not because I am humble and modest or anything sweet and lovely like that. It’s the fact that everyone around me has 10 times … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day 14

There is something really odd going on with my internet connection. I will be cruising along, doing my thing, flipping between my real work and my recreational activities (of which there are too many!) and will start to think to … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day 13 (a verse)

So I was given the verses 92-105 of Surah al-Baqarah (The Cow) to read as part of the Circle of Unity. The Yusuf Ali Translation of these verses is: 90. Miserable is the price for which they have sold their … Continue reading

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Ramadaan, day unknown :)

Ok, I have managed to lose track of what day of Ramadaan I am in…must be the effects of somewhat hectic days. As like many of you, I am attempting to complete a Ramadaan Khatm of the the Qur’an, albeit … Continue reading

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