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Au revoir

Bags packed. SUV stuffed. Camera batteries charged up.Does the above make it sound like we’re headed on a road trip? Even if it doesn’t, well, we are. By the time this post self-publishes, we will hopefully be more than half-way … Continue reading

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A Lesson for Healthy Living

Whatever the problem, copy and paste it directly into Google, and it’s guaranteed that you will find at least three other people with your exact same issue. And there will be one person who will have the fix. Follow it. … Continue reading

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Old and new

A page out of my notebook, but definitely not what I am supposed to be doing.

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A couple days late…

…also, hope not to upset anybody. I love every single one of the blogs I read, I read each one for different reasons, i.e. to relieve stress, to commiserate about some aspect of life I can’t blog about myself, to … Continue reading

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Virginia Tech

How does a man walk onto a campus,loaded with ammunition, and proceed to kill 32 people? Of those, 5 were professors. Where does the idea come from, that violence and killing can solve problems? Today, the names of the victims … Continue reading

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Yes, I come from the land of easily perplexed. I am highly confused (and curious) to know what somebody at the Pentagon is doing on this silly blog. Must have been on a coffee break or something. Why do I … Continue reading

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…comes to an end. What happened this past year? All Muslims had an emotionally earth-shattering Eid al-Adha. There were personal disappointments that rather shocked me. I discovered betrayal like never before. I had the best Ramadaan ever spiritually, and the … Continue reading

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A scary thing happened to me…

…I was added to this blog! It truly scares me. Its so…so…pink! (Sheesh digi, I feel sorry for any girls you should have. I can so imagine them in pink frilled up dresses with pink shoes and pink ribbon in … Continue reading

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A VERY special Gemini

So special, that every other Gemini is JUST like her! 😛 Digital Niqabi is as bright as a button and as sharp as a blade. If there’s ever anything you need to know, Digital Niqabi is the person to ask. … Continue reading

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