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Niqabis are Just a Bunch of Criminals!

I swear to God, once I come up with a decent blog name and leave digitalniqabi behind, I will never speak of the niqab again. (Yeah, who am I kidding more than myself?) However, I’m going to address this whole … Continue reading

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More From the Why Files

Speaking of why and kids, we were browsing the candy aisle at Wal-Mart this weekend. A kid comes rolling by in a shopping cart being pushed by his mother, and upon seeing my sister and I, he asked her, “Why … Continue reading

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For What Good

This is the question that the always stimulating Organic Muslimah is asking of women in the West who wear the niqab. Since my writings tend to get a bit lengthy, I decided to answer the question on my own blog. … Continue reading

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The Big Dirty Hijabi Secret

Have you heard of the Hijabi Monologues? I vaguely recall hearing about it some time back, and never bothered to check it out. It’s name is modeled after another live show, and since copy-cats are usually just pale imitations of … Continue reading

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Hunting at Wal-mart

OK…so now you know I shop at Wal-Mart and am basically really really really cheap. Sorry, but their prices are good for my wallet, and them being on every other corner of American roads makes them easy on my gasoline … Continue reading

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Me and my niqaab

A very lovely reader asked me the following question: I wish you’d share how you came about it. What made you decide that it was about time? I have answered this question before, but only via email. This time I … Continue reading

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Jamilah (7/365)

She surprised and confused the daylights out of me. I never knew any convert women before her, and I have never known anybody like her since. Sometimes, I see people who look exactly like her in the mall, or the … Continue reading

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Dr. Strange Lady

I almost typed your real name. I must really dislike you. I thought we were done with you, that we had seen the last of you, but you are like a vampire, always managing to come out of your coffin, … Continue reading

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A couple days late…

…also, hope not to upset anybody. I love every single one of the blogs I read, I read each one for different reasons, i.e. to relieve stress, to commiserate about some aspect of life I can’t blog about myself, to … Continue reading

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The agony of Muslim garb…

I am practicing keeping my laptop turned off most days, and so far, I am succeeding admirably! Congratulate me–or don’t; I will pick up the slack for you by just congratulating myself! 😛 I actually only turned this thing on … Continue reading

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