About Us

August 4, 2009–Version 2

Contained herein are the countless passions and opinions of two very ordinary sisters, Digital Nomad and Digital Jewel. This blog initially started off with the older of the two sisters, Digital Nomad. It really bugged her that her baby sister, her tail since the day the child was born, was not a part of this weird (because everyone knows that blogging is just a little bit weird) journey. So, Digital Jewel (who was previously known here as meshmesh and alzubra–she was young, and perhaps going through an identity crisis, hence the frequent name changes), was invited to join this marvelous journey. For about a year, or was it more?, the two sisters blogged happily together, and much fun was had by all, even through the confusion of “who is blogging? which sister wrote this post?” One day, Digital Jewel decided to venture out on her own, and thus the confusion began in earnest.

People began to wonder who is blogging here, who is blogging there, what is going on, are you women trying to torment us? Some might have even thought the two sisters had a great big fight, and the big sister booted the little sister off. Or that the “big fight” ended up with the little sister storming off into the fabulous California sunset, exclaiming to the big sister, “I don’t need you and your silly blog, so there!” Alas, no such dramatic gestures preceded Digital Jewel’s desertion. She just needed a place that was all hers, and Allah knows, the Internet is about the only place  in this household one can truly be on their own, in a sea of other blogs and what-not.

Last week, Digital Jewel decided it was time to come home to mommy this blog. At first, Digital Nomad thought the younger sister was just pulling a prank, and wasn’t really going to come back here. But, lo and behold, Digital Nomad tuned in to this blog and found that not only did Digital Jewel post something here, she also imported all of her posts from her independent blog here too! So, if you want to get to know DigiJ in a hurry, go through her posts here. Digital Nomad suspects that this return was more for the sake of the readers who were endlessly confused, rather than because Digital Jewel wanted to keep her company over here. Regardless here she is, and both sisters are once again blogging together. They do still maintain their own separate photoblogs (DigiNo’s is minus1thousand and DigiJ’s is digitaljewels). Both sisters couldn’t be happier to be blogging together once again.

As for why this post was written in the third person, Digital Nomad, who wrote it, has no idea. It wrote itself this way, and Digital Nomad is often a spectator to her own writing as much as you, the dear and beloved readers, are.

Thoughts, comments, ideas? Leave them here,  we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. Love mail, hate mail? Drop us a note via the Contact form, or leave those here too. It’s all good.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Sarira says:

    OMG, I just found this blog again (Digital nomad, think ‘middlechilditis’- it’s me, batoota), and this was absolutely the funniest thing ever! I loved how you wrote it and I’m glad to read that you’re blogging together again. 🙂

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