Niqabis are Just a Bunch of Criminals!

I swear to God, once I come up with a decent blog name and leave digitalniqabi behind, I will never speak of the niqab again. (Yeah, who am I kidding more than myself?) However, I’m going to address this whole Belgium/France niqab ban thing because I simply can’t keep it bottled up inside any longer. The trigger for this need to offload was seeing people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, write that one reason they could be for the ban for the “security” advantages that it would bring to such countries. At which point, I just felt like unloading all over these blogs and forums, but that would be rude and intolerant, not to mention that it would display a decided lack of control, and hey, look, I have my own blog to unload all over.

To start with, it doesn’t shock me that non-Muslim countries would want to ban symbols of Islamic faith; after all,  since Muslim countries have imposed limitations on hijab and niqab, how can we expect any better from non-Muslim nations, especially in Europe? Turkey and Tunisia are notorious for giving women a hard time with the hijab (hard time meaning they’ve banned it in government buildings and universities in the case of Turkey) and women in Morocco are regularly face discrimination while hijabed, although there are no laws in place to officially make life for hijabis difficult. I recall a Moroccan friend during college telling me that she wanted to hijabify her life, but her aunt would tell her father, and then she’d be on the first plane back to Morocco because her father would be outraged. Outraged over the fact that his daughter is covering up more and that he is losing control.  Imagine women in those countries wearing the niqab! So, my anxiety over women in the West being prevented from wearing the niqab is not as great as it could be, considering we’ve got our own intra-Muslim hijab bans to deal with.

However. The arguments presented for banning the niqab are so preposterous as to make me want to pull out my hair in frustration. (Yes, I’m not hijabed as I write this, so pulling my hair is definitely an option.) I mean seriously, France, niqab as an agent of widespread and debilitating crime? Seriously? So once the ban of niqab is in place, I guess criminals, who are so eager to follow the law, will both a) never don a niqab for purposes of robbing a bank or grocery store or mugging someone in the dead of night in a dark alley in downtown Paris and b) they won’t find other means of concealing their identity, as in with ski masks and the like? Because, you know, criminals are so lacking in creativity that they won’t even realize that there are other mechanisms besides the niqab that will aid them in being, um, criminals. In fact, they just waited for centuries for the niqab to wash up on the shores of France in order to commit crimes while concealing their identities. Because, you know, there are and have never been any other means for concealing identity. Not the ski mask, not helmets, not scarves wrapped around the lower face. None of those have ever existed until the niqab came to France and gave your law-abiding citizens a means to turn criminal.

Ok then. Now that I’m done with my lightly sarcastic dismissal of the security argument, how about the fact that banning things usually never has the intended consequence? Ban drugs, and what happens? We’ve got a War on Drugs that has been waged since I was a kid, and shows no signs of letting up. We also have all sorts of gun bans which, while they have dropped the percentages of assault rifles in circulation, have failed to eliminate the use of assault rifles in the carrying out of violent crime. If bans on drugs and guns, relatively difficult items for the average niqabi to gain hold of, are largely unsuccessful, how successful is a ban on a significantly easier piece of material going to be for the determined criminal?

In addition to that, fining the woman who wears the niqab is as nonsensical as nonsensical can get. The premise behind that particular piece of legislation is to prevent women from being “forced” into wearing the niqab by their domineering husbands, brothers, and/or fathers. First of all, fining the woman who’s being oppressed into donning the niqab is nothing short of oppression. Secondly, should those men actually be stupid enough to force the niqab on the women-folk of their families, what will prevent him from not allowing them to leave the home in the niqabless state? Won’t this just promote the “Talibanization” of Muslim households all across France, a condition where Muslim women who are forced into the niqab cease to have lives outside their homes? Just think about this for a moment. As for those women who are not forced into it, and I’m willing to go out on a limb and speculate that they far outnumber those who are forced, wouldn’t they just not go out as much as they otherwise would? I know I would, for as long as possible anyway.

Have you really thought this argument through, oh masters of France? Because it sounds like you’re coming up with an excuse you all know to be incredibly lame but you’re convinced it’s not as lame as saying you just want to ban Islamic symbols. Honestly, if you just came out with the truth, I’d have a lot more respect for your position. If you just said that France is not a nation that believes in the practice of Islam and thus all practice of Islam ought to be confined to the home and masjid, it would be honest. Insupportable in the face of calling yourself a democracy (secular or otherwise), but refreshingly honest.

Let’s raise our glasses of chocolate milk to idea of an honestly conveyed reason for the niqab ban.

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9 Responses to Niqabis are Just a Bunch of Criminals!

  1. Mirza says:

    This post I like.
    The France-Niqab dillema has left a sour taste in my mouth indeed and has succeeded in convincing me in not touching French manufactured goods with a 10 foot pole.
    Mostly because, I agree with you, their arguments are weak. And because France is doing the same thing it wants to ‘free’ Muslim women from i.e. Opressing. All France is doing is oppressing Muslim women, forcing them, taking away their freedom.
    European countries have proven that they are democracies only for non-Muslims. Muslims and converts who are citizens of France are treated as immigrants with little or no rights with regards to practising their faith.
    I pray that this idiotic measure is not a trend that spreads to other countries.

    And I am suprised at the state of Niqab in Turkey especially although I must admit I have always thought of it as being a Muslim country in name only. Keep the blog name; its catchy.

  2. Umm Travis says:

    I completely and totally agree with everything you said! May Allah protect us in this “strange” time…. I really fear what it will become.

  3. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Great article ma sha Allah. Much of it is just plain hatred, and I know that Muslim women have been wearing niqaab in this country for years without serious incident. I wrote two articles recently about the ridiculous anti-niqaab talk:

    Norman Geras demolishes Hitchens on niqab ban (partly)

    JPost editorial tells Europe how to deal with Muslim women

  4. inoccent-from-shirk says:

    Praise to Allah alone the Lord of Univers , and peace and mercy be upon his Messanger Mohammad and his familly and compnious and for those who follows his path and accept his sunnah ; the strangers in everytimes , those who will be the succeded in the day of the judgement .
    Allah say in surat al ankabut” the spider”:1″Alif-lam-mim. 2 Do people think that they will be left alone because they say :”We beleive,”and will not be tested . 3 And we indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly (it) known( the truth of) those who are true , and will certainly make (it) known ( the falsehood of ) those who are liars.
    And the prophet Salla Allah alayhi wa salam said in the identic hadith narrated by bukhari and moslim ;” that said ibno waqass said :” of peophet of Allah tell me who is the man the most tested ? the prophet said :” the prophets and rightious people are the most tested , then who is like them , and the person is tested on depend of his faith so if there is hardness in his faithhe will be tested more, and the tests are still facing the momin untill he will walk on the earth and no sin is on him “( its my own translation it maybe some false on it ). subhanallah Allah test those who loves when the test is only a way to forgives thier sin so when they day they will face his almighty with no sin ..Allah akbar.
    And jabbir said that the prophet peace be upon him said :” the people who was not tested in the life will wish in the day of judgement if thier skin have been takin off as test in the donya from what they will see of the reward of Allah for those who have been tasted in donya.”…. so sisters know that Allah choosed you to be tested on your niqab to reward you and to please you in donya and in hereafter so thank Allah for this niema ” gift” and wallahi this is also from jihad …
    may Allah keep you and me in his straigh path untill we will be laying alone in our grave with our deeds and may Allah put on us his mercy and reward us jannah ..Ameen .
    if what i said was correct so it was only from the guidance of Allah and if somthing was wrong then its only from myself and satan and Allah is innocent from it .
    wassalam alaykoum warahmatu Allah

  5. Mirza, So you’re boycotting France’s products? I don’t know what they really export to the States, but I know that we rarely see products made in France on our shelves. Not sure if I’d boycot–I don’t boycot Turkey’s products, though, and don’t think I ever would. Of course, Turkey has many many other redeeming qualities that make it difficult to consider them. France, though…well, we’re already boycotting the wine, yeah?

    I think I’m rather stuck with the name, because everytime I come up with something else, I realize that I actually do like this one more.

    Umm Travis, Ameen! I dread the day some nincompoop comes up with the idea of banning the veil here in the States. Yet, I’m oddly confident that there is enough tolerance in this country to overcome such an idea.

    Yusuf Smith, JazakAllah khair. I really enjoyed reading your articles. It’s hard for me to pick a part I agree with from the first one more than: “Muslims did not come here on the condition that they obeyed western “norms”, only local laws, and generally laws do not enforce norms but forbid harms.”

    As per your second article, while I’ve never been turned away from a bank, I have had clerks tell me to not wear my niqab in the bank for security measures. I just don’t go to those banks anymore, but if I had the time and energy, that might have made a darned good lawsuit.

    inoccent-from-shirk, Welcome to our blog! Ameen to your ‘adiya, and jazakiAllah khair for the informative comment. May Allah grant ease to our sisters in Europe.

  6. Mehreen says:

    Asalam o Alaikum!
    I never really thought about it in terms of “Talibanization”. And you are darn correct on that one. What they are doing will lead to extremism of a new kind. They have to come up with something better than that.

    I appreciate posts that reflect the thinking of the Muslim youth. Keep up the good work!

    We need more and more blogs like these.

    Take care.

  7. Yusuf Smith says:

    As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Actually, I have been boycotting French products as much as I can since the 2004 law was passed. I believe their attacks on Muslim women are motivated by malice and we should not do business with a nation that clearly demonstrates hatred for us. I am surprised that Muslims will boycott Danish products over an insult delivered by a private company, but will not boycott a country where Muslim women are being molested as a matter of policy.

  8. Yusuf Smith says:

    Also, Turkey is a Muslim country and most Turks (and Kurds) are Muslims. Their country is just dominated by a clique of munafiqs who hate Islam. That is not the case with France – it is an infidel nation.

  9. Khawla says:

    France and Belgium are afraid of the spread of Islam, they are not afraid for Muslim women’s rights.

    I lol at them.

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